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Clinton Primary School

Musical Opportunities 

Many children are excited about music and there has been a long tradition of music making at Clinton. Music happens both in curriculum time AND at lunchtimes and after school.

Because of the generosity of TEEM Clinton, we employ a music specialist who teaches our school orchestra every week and leads their playing in Friday assemblies. The orchestra inspires children to play instruments and to persist with their practice. 

Recorder lessons are free of charge for the children, who from Year 3 are provided with a recorder and book. They have sessions at lunchtimes. We’re in the process of standing these back up after the pandemic.

Year 3 have ‘Upbeat’ music lessons where they get a chance to play orchestral instruments together, starting their musical journey. 

Many children play steep pans and our Clinton Panners are well known for their performances at events such as ‘The Lions’ Show’ and their Caribbean sound brightens up many a winter’s day in school.

Children who wish to learn an instrument come out of class to do so, starting most often in Year 3, and parents pay for those.

We run a guitar ensemble and a woodwind ensemble for our more experienced players and we like to give our musicians the opportunity to perform to others when we can, with, for example a group of musicians accompanying the Christmas carol service.

Our choir recently sung at the Royal Albert Hall, and both boys and girls love to sing when they get the opportunity. 

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