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Clinton Primary School


At Clinton Primary School, it is our intent to nurture pupils’ curiosity and thirst for knowledge through a broad and balanced curriculum presented in engaging and relevant ways. In terms of RE, this means being open to the religious traditions and worldviews of others in a way that allows pupils to bring the whole of their identity to the encounter.

It is our intent that children will leave primary school equipped with substantive knowledge of religious traditions and non-religious worldviews. In learning from religion, pupils are able to make informed choices about how they want to live their lives and feel confident in expressing their own ideas and perspectives. Through understanding more about the values and perspectives of other people, it is our aim that pupils will be tolerant, respectful and open to contributing to a modern and diverse society. Through empathetic encounters, we seek to encourage critical thinking where difference is celebrated. RE is taught in a way which enables, in particular, children to develop their ‘personal development’ skills, such as empathy and reflection, and also their communication skills, ensuring they can express their knowledge and understanding articulately.

We feel it is important to hear from those of different faiths and to visit places of worship in order to broaden children’s experience, and aim to enable one visit or one visitor per class each year.

These aims will be met in the RE curriculum through three fundamental principles:
• Believing
• Expressing
• Living
These principles are at the heart of the Warwickshire Agreed Syllabus for RE, which forms the framework of RE to ensure well-sequenced progression across the school. This document can’t be shared, unfortunately.