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Clinton Primary School


Much of maths content is valuable to everyday life. In addition, problem solving skills which can be taught and developed through maths are transferrable to life. Maths develops problem solving skills more broadly as well as a sense of logic. 

Maths learning will consist of children learning:

  • To grasp the concept of number
  • To count in more and more sophisticated ways so that they are fluent with the number system.
  • To form and recognise numbers
  • Short-cuts such as number facts which will help them be efficient in their calculations.
  • The concept of calculation
  • To become fluent at calculation
  • How number is represented in linear for

We aim for children to learn core number and calculation skills early in the year so that they are ready to use those skills when applied to each subsequent area of maths.

We track children’s meeting of key ‘maths milestones’ so that they are on track to reach at least age related expectations. Catch up programmes are often bespoke and enable us to help children fill gaps which have been identified by their teachers.

There is no ceiling on what children can achieve in maths. When children reach a certain stage in their learning of each concept, there is always another one to challenge them with!

Maths Curriculum Overview

Our maths curriculum is based on ‘white rose’ and we ensure there is progression from children understanding concepts (through use of manipulatives and pictorial methods of learning) through to practise to gain fluency and then through to application at a simple and then more complex levels. These documents show what is taught in each year in each term – though teachers do use their professional judgement in order to supplement or refresh the learning in a variety of ways.

Maths Key Performance Indicators

Here are the maths skills we deem to be the most essential for children to acquire in each year-group across all the areas of the maths curriculum. We check children’s progress against these regularly so ensure they are on track.

Maths Milestones

Here are the maths skills we deem to be the most essential for children to acquire in each year-group across all the areas of the maths curriculum. As a Kenilworth Cluster of schools we identified core number skills which we felt children needed to grasp in order to have a good chance of mastering the curriculum in their year – and indeed – getting a good sense of number. These are practised in maths lessons, early work and in interventions where children need more support.

Calculation Policy

Our calculation policy shows how we develop children’s methods for calculation. We try to ensure there is really clear consistency in the methods taught, and that children learn all the important steps to grasp what is happening within calculations, and the teachers all follow the policy carefully. As parents you can refer to this if you’re trying to support your children at home.

Calculation Policy

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