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Clinton Primary School

Children’s Wellbeing

Before children can learn, they have to feel calm and safe. It has been shown that when people are anxious or stressed, that the brain is unaffected by learning under these circumstances.

At Clinton, so much of what we do is about setting the right climate for children to be happy, confident and ready to learn.

Classroom staff greet each child as they come in. Steps are taken for those children who seem unsettled – sometimes those are pre-planned but otherwise our priority to give time for that.
We use ‘wellbeing plans’ to address individual needs – which might include measures at playtimes or lunchtimes or might involve giving children responsibilities to give them value.

Our curriculum (particularly our PSHE lessons), including our wider curriculum, includes many elements which promote positive wellbeing as well as the development of skills which support development of social skills so that children can have successful relationships with others. The range of clubs and extra-curricular activities is there to build confidence and a love of school. We often encourage specific children to attend (or run!) those clubs in order build their sense of self-worth.

Compass, our health provider, runs surveys for Year 6 in order to address wellbeing concerns. Transition to Year 7 is exciting but could also be daunting, so we consider this carefully for all children but also specific children in mind.

Always talk to us if you have a concern about your child’s wellbeing.