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Clinton Primary School

Golden Threads

In our entrance hall, we have 5 plaques, made by Year 6 a few years ago, to show the 'golden threads' which we always have in mind when developing school.

We want children to become creative thinkers. We think this encourages them to develop their own uniqueness and to strengthen their sense of identity. Creative opportunities are everywhere in the curriculum and developing flexibility of thought is one of our ‘golden threads’.

Teaching children HOW to thrive in a community, big or small, at school or beyond, is something we model and teach explicitly. We believe that if they are given the skills and confidence to contribute, they will feel valued for that. And if they feel valued, they will appreciate each other more and want to contribute further.

Music making brings us together is so many ways. Steel panners charm us at the Summer’s Evening, our instrumentalists treat us in assemblies and our orchestra opens and closes our community assemblies on Fridays. It’s the beating heart of Clinton!

Whilst doing well academically is very important, we think it’s so important that children develop other skills, such as how to persevere, or to focus; how to problem solve and communicate; how to create and perform. We teach these ‘skillsets’ throughout the curriculum.

Discovering the world and the diversity of people who live in it is a passion of ours. We take all the opportunities we can to become ‘citizens of the world’, finding out about similarities and differences, engaging with social issues and finding ways to do our bit to make the world better for all.