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Clinton Primary School

Caring about Families

As you will see from many other aspects of our website, we are a school which really cares about the wellbeing of our children and families. We want everyone to enjoy good mental health and to be able to thrive. 

Positive wellbeing is integrated into our curriculum and into our support for children with SEND. 

But we can also help if you or your children are experiencing a difficult time at home. We can work with you through a framework called ‘Early Help’ which all Warwickshire schools use, to help identify what the main issues are and how to address them. Through Early Help we can access services which can support your child as well as you

Hazel Jackson is our Senior Mental Health Lead and we have a team who can support with ‘in school’ work with children. There are various therapies and programmes that we use which can make a real difference.


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Getting Help via Early Help

Compass School Health (Children's health and wellbeing)

Parenting (Place to Be - articles to support with a range of issues)

Wellbeing (Mental Health Services available in Warwickshire)

Supporting young people with mental health challenges (Mind)

Mental Health and Disability (Recommended Reading)

Family Information Service - great range of ways to help

Change, Grow, Live - advice about overcoming adult and child difficulties