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As parents, I’m sure you recognise the importance of keeping children safe online. Such a lot of our lives are spent online that we need to be very aware of the risks, just as we are with children in the ‘real’ world.

E-safety is integrated into our curriculum but we know that it’s very important that teaching children about the issues is best done in partnership with parents.

Our Tech and E-safety council keep us informed about what children are doing online!

At our recent parent information evening on this theme we were able to problem solve around a range of issues. Here are the slides we shared.

In particular, the ‘internet matters’ website (linked below) was deemed very useful, showing how we can ensure the right settings are in place on our devices (including routers, which is very important), and on certain apps. 

Please do let us know if your children experience anything negative online (including cyberbullying) because we will support with it in school. 

Our system is carefully filtered through the service bought in through Warwickshire and we have an acceptable use policy for children. In addition, our home-school agreement asks that you model good ‘online’ conduct and parents at Clinton are good at giving feedback to us more ‘maturely’ in other ways! 

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E-safety policy Acceptable use policy
Parents’ information evening 

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