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Clinton Primary School

Transferrable Skills 

“With highly developed transferrable skills, children are able to interact better with their world, meaning they can gain the knowledge that they need and use it for their own means. We teach them to be effective individuals as well as terrific collaborators.”

Lessons are taught with a skill at the heart of them. The skill is modelled by the teacher and practised by the children. This skill enables them to engage with the content of the lesson leading to enhanced critical thinking and better knowledge and understanding.

Subject specific skills are taught as having been derived from these core skills into domains, which ensures children can connect their skill learning together and transfer procedural knowledge between disciplines.

There is a progression mapped for each skill, across the strands of ‘communication’ (including development of talk, listening and writing), ‘creativity’, ‘performance’, and ‘personal development’. Children’s progression across these skills is assessed and learning built upon. The progression strands form ‘procedural knowledge’ in order to do each skill well.

With problem solving, gradually more challenging contexts provide the progression and subject specific skills provide a breadth of skills-based learning.