Pupil Contribution

We believe in teaching children how to thrive in our school community: helping them identify each other’s strengths and appreciating those; helping them to ‘contribute’ in all sorts of ways and ensuring whenever children are contributing, they feel valued for that contribution.

There is a line in our unique Clinton Song which goes “Growing our strengths and talents, ready to use for you”. We aim for children to learn to be good citizens.

Here are some of the ways children contribute to our school:

  • Every year-group has children doing jobs to help out their class;
  • Children from years 3 to 6 are e-safety cadets, helping to promote safety online;
  • Children from years 4 to year 6 run clubs for other children, teaching them what they know about a whole range of things, from ICT to Art to Sport and so on!
  • Year 4 children are ‘play-makers’, playing alongside children in the infants to enrich their games;
  • Year 4 (and now year 5 children) have been teaching playground songs to the infants;
  • Year 5 children learn to become peer mediators, helping others to solve their playground quarrels;
  • Year 5 children keep everyone up to date in the school newspaper (year 6 children have been helping them as editors);
  • Year 6 children run the school council;
  • Year 6 children are responsible for setting up assembly;
  • Children in years 5 and 6 play in the orchestra to welcome children into assembly every week.

The children also help their wider community. Recently:

  • All children took part in world book day to raise money for book aid;
  • Year 2 raised money, via their own stalls, to help the survival of polar bears;
  • Year 2 used their writing skills to raise awareness of the plight of England’s hedgehogs;
  • Year 2 country dancers performed for everyone at the summer fair, to add style to the event!
  • Year 4, through their work about immigration, promoted equality;
  • Year 5 raised money by completing the pipeline challenge;
  • Children in years 5 and 6 sang with the African Children’s choir, supporting their charity;
  • Steel panners from year 3-6 played at PTA and CHIME events to help create the atmosphere;
  • Year 6 promoted the injustice surrounding land rights in India by having a ‘march’;
  • Year 6 created and ran stalls to help the PTA and CHIME to raise money for us;
  • Year 6 children raised money for a range of their chosen charities, including Global Care, which enables us to sponsor a child through her education in India, through business enterprise;
  • Year 6 helped run the High Five netball tournament and, more recently, national fitness day events;
  • The school council raised money for Children in Need.