Pupil Contribution

We believe in teaching children how to thrive in our school community: helping them identify each other’s strengths and appreciating those; helping them to ‘contribute’ in all sorts of ways and ensuring whenever children are contributing, they feel valued for that contribution.

Our school song contains a line “Growing our strengths and talents, ready to use for you,” and we try to make this possible.

Children contribute to our school in all sorts of ways.

  • They are members of class and school councils.
  • They are peer mediators, helping others fix their fall-outs
  • They are ‘play-makers’, playing with younger children and modelling their more advanced language skills.
  • They are ‘singing playground experts’ sharing playground songs so that others can learn them and enjoy their playtimes.
  • They are e-cadets, helping us to understand e-safety issues.
  • When they are in years 4, 5 or 6, they run clubs for younger children.
  • They have countless jobs and responsibilities, ensuring their classes run smoothly.
  • They are orchestra members, performing to the whole community.

In order that children can contribute to the wider world, their topic work often centres around ‘social issues’, taking responsibility for promoting ‘good’ to others in the school, including parents.

Peer Mediation

When children fall out during lunchtimes, there are peer mediators on hand to help them to solve the problem between them. They have been fully trained as mediators to make sure they are non-judgemental and that they facilitate the children working things through themselves rather than giving them suggestions. Year 5 have recently completed their training!

School Council

We have an active School Council, led by our Year 6 Executive and Year 6 representatives who support two Council members from each class. Recent work includes researching and designing the newly refurbished KS2 playground; raising nearly £300 for Cancer Research and giving new parents a tour around the school on their induction evening. The School Council and class councils work hard to make sure that all pupils have the opportunity to share their opinions and contribute ideas to making our school a better place for everyone.

Come and find us if you need to. We will be in your playground wearing a band to show who we are.


Our e-cadets have surveyed the classes to which they belong to find out which areas of e-safety should be a focus.

Clubs for Younger Children

Clubs for younger children have recently included: animation club; football skills; drama club and computer art club.