Global Citizenship

Developing as Global Citizens

2013 Update

Our link school in Bosnia – Bracanska Malta, Tuzla

This year our link school in Bosnia has been celebrating its 40th Birthday and Clinton wanted to help them celebrate. In the Spring term, Year 4 sent out emails to find out what made their school special and then used these ideas to help them plan a piece of art work. They explored creative ideas about symbols that could be used to recognise all that was good about Bracanska Malta and then picked one design to transfer onto a piece of sheet metal. We had to learn how to write backwards to make the most of this embossing technique. We then mounted the foil onto card tiles and hung them together using metal clips. Happy 40th Birthday Bracanska Malta!

children drawing drawing

bos art bos staff

Our link school in Coventry – Longford Park

During the summer term year 5 had the opportunity of to visit our link school in Coventry for a morning of joint activities. The children took part in an “Apprentice” style challenge where mixed groups of children were able to work together to use their numeracy and literacy skills to come up with a business plan for a garden centre. It required them to apply their collaboration skills as well. Alan Sugar was not be there in person but the morning proved to be lots of fun and no one ended up getting fired! What the children said…

“I found it very interesting and I liked working with different people”

“I felt I had learned something new. Making new friends from a different school is fun!”

“I thought it was good but I wanted to stay longer”

“I made 2 new friends that I want to see again.”


Our link school in France – Ecole Paul Emile Victor, PORT EN BESSIN

Year 6 spent a fabulous week in September in Normandy finding out about WW2, but also experiencing a different culture first hand. Whilst they were there they had the opportunity to visit our link school in France. They were very warmly welcomed into the school and had a chance to practise their French sharing a personal profile they had created in advance. They were then treated to some crepes and a chance to chat and play some more.

fr sch2 fr sch fr sch 3


What the children said…

“I enjoyed that you could become more confident speaking French. And I was able to share what I did know with people in France.” Ben

“It really helped me when I was learning new words in the biscuit factory. When were at the school it really paid off as I managed to make a good friend.” Archie

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to visit another country because I have never been abroad before. Also I enjoyed spotting the differences between England and France.” Lydia

“In France I enjoyed going to the school because we met new friends and spoke some more French. It was different because they don’t wear a uniform.” Hayley-Jayne

“I was really excited about France because it was my first time abroad. France added a new level to the experience – it wouldn’t have been the same if we’d done it in Britain.” Tom


This year we are finding out about Music from different cultures so far we have had two amazing opportunities

Music from Africa –

afr drum2 afr drum

First we had an inspiring concert performed by a wonderful band from Ghana. We found out about different types of drums and rhythms and then we had a go at learning drumming skills ourselves…

It was an amazingly rich experience for all involved.


Music from South America –

Each class had a workshop; they found out about music from South America and then ended the day with a performance from the different classes of all that they had learned during the day.