Vision and Ethos

Our Vision:

Learning together, opening eyes,
Building community,
Reaching for the skies!

Ethos – our aims and values


  • provide a safe and secure environment
  • develop pupil voice
  • inspire all children to achieve their full academic potential
  • further enhance relationships within our community
  • enable children to express themselves creatively
  • develop an appreciation of diversity
  • motivate and educate children to pursue a healthy lifestyle,


  • a clearly understood positive behaviour policy
  • a system of rewards and sanctions
  • rigorous reviews of, and adherence to, health and safety policy and procedures
  • a pro- active school council, speaking and listening opportunities throughout the curriculum, performance, peer mediation, decision making in their learning
  • providing a stimulating, well- resourced, purposeful environment which embraces modern technology
  • partnership with other educational providers, links with local organisations and people, close involvement with parents
  • an exciting curriculum enriched by specialist music opportunities, activity days, arts weeks, drama
  • a fully inclusive ethos, seizing opportunities to promote other cultures, developing language awareness and learning
  • providing an extensive range of out of hours clubs, promoting healthy eating, educating children towards leading healthy lifestyles
  • teaching children to value and protect their environment,

so that:

  • children feel safe, happy and confident in school
  • children will be equipped to become active contributors to society
  • children will be successful and flexible employers and employees in the future workplace, whilst adapting to a technologically advancing world
  • children can benefit from the skills and expertise within the community and the community can benefit from school- based facilities and services
  • children will be able to demonstrate originality and individuality in the workplace and in their personal lives in the future
  • everyone values and is valued by others
  • children have full respect for other cultures
  • children will have opportunities to speak languages in the workplace
  • children will enjoy good physical, mental and emotional well- being
  • children will contribute to sustaining the planet.

At Clinton we instill a sense of responsibility:

Personal responsibility: Social responsibility:
  • self-discipline
  • enthusiasm
  • confidence
  • individuality and originality
  • initiative
  • self-esteem
  • integrity
  • independence
  • effort
  • reflectiveness
  • resilience
  • courtesy
  • fairness
  • consideration
  • respect
  • compassion
  • honesty
  • co-operation
  • collaboration
  • equality
  • inclusion