Head’s Highlights

Head’s Highlights:

Singing Playgrounds


This year, because of our links with Warwickshire Music, we had the opportunity to take part in a great project called ‘Singing Playgrounds’. Our Year 4 children became trained as ‘song-leaders’ and then taught children in KS1 a whole range of ‘playground songs’.

They even took part in a concert to show off all their new songs.

African Children’s Choir

We were invited this year to sing with the African Children’s Choir at the Spa Centre in Leamington. A lucky 25 children from Years 5 and 6 got to join in with a really energetic and joyful performance, whilst the process also taught them about the hardships of living in Uganda and the great work of the charity.

Water Aid

We use our curriculum to ensure children get the opportunity to develop as good ‘citizens’ inspired to cherish the world but also to make it a better place. This year, Year 5 learnt an awful lot about our relationship with water, including how much we rely upon and enjoy water, but also how it can cause devastation through flooding, or drought. They raised nearly £200 for Water Aid through their Pipe-line challenge and it was a memorable day too, as they explained their learning to parents.

Priory performance

Having performed at the Talisman Theatre for the last 10 years, we had to find a new home for our Year 4, 5, 6 production due to refurbishments the Talisman were having done, and the Priory Theatre offered to host us. It was great to debut elsewhere in town and continue the tradition of performing in a real theatre each year. 120 children took part and put on an amazing show!

And the rest …

There were lots of great things that happened in 2017 and I will particularly remember World Book Day, with children arriving at school dressed as Roald Dahl characters, to celebrate his 100th birthday.


I will also remember the amazing acts children put on during Variety Night and performances they gave at Christmas and in the Spring concert.

Children love Golden Learning time and the atmosphere around school on the Friday afternoons when this is taking place is fantastic. Activities ranging from ‘masterchef’ to ‘cake decoration’ and from ‘script writing’ to ‘athletics’ had children experiencing a wide variety of activities.


The School Council was excellent this year and their idea to host a Wacky Hair Day led to us raising a good amount of money for school.


This year, Year 6 did amazingly well with their selling during ‘business enterprise week’, with some excellent products. The rest of the school loved choosing which stalls to go to and each had their favourite!

So, all in all, 2016/17 was a great year.