Fantastic French Experience for Year 6

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“I enjoyed that you could become more confident speaking French. And I was able to share what I did know with people in France.” Ben

“It really helped me when I was learning new words in the biscuit factory. When we were at the school it really paid off as I managed to make a good friend.” Archie

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to visit another country because I have never been abroad before. Also I enjoyed spotting the differences between England and France.” Lydia

“In France I enjoyed going to the school because we met new friends and spoke some more French. It was different because they don’t wear a uniform.” Hayley-Jayne

“I was really excited about France because it was my first time abroad. France added a new level to the experience – it wouldn’t have been the same if we’d done it in Britain.” Tom

“I thought our trip was a good opportunity to learn new things about France. Lots of the shops and signs were different!” Annabel

“I thought it was great to be learning about the war, especially the fact we were learning about it in a country so heavily affected by it.” James