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Year 1 loving their Victorian experience!

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“I learnt that you had to sit up straight and put your hands on your lap!” Lilia

“I learnt that they used a dolly to do their washing!” Dasha.

“I learnt that they had to dry their clothes with a mangle. It was hard work.” Jacob

“They didn’t have any toys at school!” Julia. “The back straightener felt like a hammer going into your back.” Harry. “The schoolroom was quite small.” Ash

Anti-bullying week messages

Fortunately there have been very few instances of bullying at Clinton, and these are dealt with extremely quickly. Each year the whole school reflects upon the effects of bullying and what we can all do about it if it ever occurs.

Here are their messages:

Always think before you speak and only say nice things! (Year 1)

Give your friends advice is they are being bullied, and don’t ever be a bully yourself! (Year 2)

If you see something, say something! (Year 3)

Stand up for your friends if they’re being bullied and help them tell an adult. (Year 4)

Use your network of trusted adults to share how you’re feeling. (Year 5)

If someone or a group of people are making you feel sad several times, on purpose, it sounds like bullying. Tell an adult. (Year 6)