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Year 4 survive outdoors!

Year 4 had a fantastic time kicking off their unit of work inspired by ‘extreme survival’! They put up their own tents, learnt how to purify water, made fires and shelters. They camped overnight and had a thoroughly good time. It was great for them to be independent and push themselves in new ways.


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Year 4 got a lot out of their visit to the Sikh Gurdwara!

I loved going to the Gurdwara and exploring it. I just wish I could go there again! (Isobel F)

I enjoyed the trip to the Gurdwara Temple. Sikh people were reading the Guru Granth Sahib. I saw the Khanda. (Abigail)

My favourite thing about the Gurdwara was going to the prayer hall. It was very interesting. I learnt there were 10 Gurus. (Ben)

I learnt more about the Guru Granth Sahib and how they treated it like a living person. They put it to bed and also purified the air. (Matthew)

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Traction Man Adventures!

All yeargroups have been gripped by Traction Man, a character from a great children’s book. They have written their own adventures, many of which are displayed in the hall, but some yeargroups have taken it further!

Year 4 have needed to learn a lot about friction and air resistance – in order to provide Traction Man with a the best parachute AND the best shoes for gripping on various surfaces. You’ll notice from the pictures that animals weren’t used in any of the experiments … but Barbie was! I know that year 3 have begun to work out what foods Traction man should eat to fuel him on his missions!


Year 4 Extreme Survival

Year 4 had a fantastic time camping in the Clinton Outback. They have been learning about collaboration and problem solving whilst setting up their own tents, making shelters and fire-lighting. They are very very excited! This is the perfect start to their Context for Learning ‘Extreme survival!’

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Year 4 went to Think Tank

I really enjoyed the trip. Many new exhibits were open and there were lots of interactive activities to enjoy. I’m definitely going there again! Glafira

I learnt how to programme robots, which was amazing. The science was fascinating! Alexander

I really enjoyed controlling the lego robot because you could make a sound and it would start moving. When it was 25cm from the wall it stopped. Ethan

Year 4 Science

In science, Year 4 have been learning about different habitats around the school. We investigated the conditions in these habitats and learnt which plants and animals live there. We then became animal ‘estate agents’ and produced some excellent ‘For Sale’ details which would persuade the animals to buy a new habitat to live in!

Year 4 Gift to Bosnia

Year 4 have created an amazing piece of artwork that will be given to our Bosnian link school for their 40th birthday. They used letters from Bosnian children to find out what was important to them, and then ‘etched’ onto metallic squares pictorial representations. The result was stunning.