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Year 1 loving their Victorian experience!

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“I learnt that you had to sit up straight and put your hands on your lap!” Lilia

“I learnt that they used a dolly to do their washing!” Dasha.

“I learnt that they had to dry their clothes with a mangle. It was hard work.” Jacob

“They didn’t have any toys at school!” Julia. “The back straightener felt like a hammer going into your back.” Harry. “The schoolroom was quite small.” Ash

Fire Safety in Years 1 and 5

Year 1 wanted to share these safety messages following their session with the fire fighters:

“Matches Matches do not touch

They can hurt you very much!” Sofia-Asha

“If there is smoke, get down on the floor because you will be able to breathe better.” Harry

“Stop, drop and roll if your clothes are on fire.” Liam


“Be careful not to lean over candles on a birthday cake.” Maia

“Fire is naughty  – never leave it on its own.”  Artem

“If there is a fire, shout FIRE.” Lilia

“Don’t play with matches, OR lighters.” Alex and Rosie


Year 1 enjoyed their sculpture trail at Warwick University!

Year 1 were about to embark on some sculpturing work of their own so it was great for them to see sculptures in real life at Warwick University! Science work has and will involve learning about different materials and the children asked lots of good questions whilst making close observations.