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Year R celebrate Chinese New Year


Global Citizenship is a key aspect of our work at Clinton – with the aim of getting children really enthusiastic about other countries and cultures. Reception have been learning all about Chinese New Year – acting out the story and doing lots of other exciting activities too. They will feature in the next edition of the Clinton Times too!

Today it’s been all about the food! They seem to have thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Hong Kong Gardens Chinese Restaurant, who are extremely kind and accommodating. Many of them tucked in straight away, with some even managing to use their chop-sticks!

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Christmas Shows 2013 – Amazing!

KS1 children put on an amazing performance of ‘Midwife Crisis’ which parents said was the ‘best ever!’ They sang with great enthusiams and spoke very clearly, entertaining us all expertly!

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Year 3 and 4’s production of Roald Dahl’s version of Cindarella was excellent, with some really accomplished acting and singing that made you wish you were a part of it!

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Those in year 5 and 6 who wanted to take part in the ‘Christmas show drama club’ performed ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to parents as their dress rehearsal in preparation for a show to the whole school on the last day of term. We were all amazed at how well they did, learning an enormous number of lines, and acting in a really engaging way. The PTA kindly donated £450 towards the theatre company who worked with the children.

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World Music Day 3: Indonesian ‘Gamelan’

The whole school were involved, one class at a time in creating truly mysterious sounding music, using traditional ‘Gamelan’ instruments from Bali. We wanted children to have a ‘spiritual’ experience of music making and to be inspired by the sound of somewhere far away. Global Citizenship is something we are passionate about and this day, culminating in a concert with all children playing really matched our intentions. You can see the concentration on the children’s faces as they tried to remember their parts!

Children said:

“I learnt that in Indonesia they play gongs.” Sofia Asha (year 1)

“I liked hearing the gongs go from the low sounds to the high sounds”. Harry (year 1)

“It wasn’t any music I had heard in England before. It made me happy because it is good to learn different things.” Hamish (year 2)

“Because that music was good I think other music would be good as well and it was quite unusual.” Miranda (year 2)

“When I played the gong it inspired me to want to learn a new instrument.” Archie (year 4)

“It was exciting because I learnt to play a new instrument which I would never have had the opportunity to play.” Alexa (year 4)

“It was fantastic hearing such a unique sound.” Kellan (year 5)

“I really enjoyed learning about new cultures.” Mia (year 5)

“We were learning about music from a different part of the world but also having great fun!” Hayley Jane (year 6)

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Year 1 loving their Victorian experience!

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“I learnt that you had to sit up straight and put your hands on your lap!” Lilia

“I learnt that they used a dolly to do their washing!” Dasha.

“I learnt that they had to dry their clothes with a mangle. It was hard work.” Jacob

“They didn’t have any toys at school!” Julia. “The back straightener felt like a hammer going into your back.” Harry. “The schoolroom was quite small.” Ash

Anti-bullying week messages

Fortunately there have been very few instances of bullying at Clinton, and these are dealt with extremely quickly. Each year the whole school reflects upon the effects of bullying and what we can all do about it if it ever occurs.

Here are their messages:

Always think before you speak and only say nice things! (Year 1)

Give your friends advice is they are being bullied, and don’t ever be a bully yourself! (Year 2)

If you see something, say something! (Year 3)

Stand up for your friends if they’re being bullied and help them tell an adult. (Year 4)

Use your network of trusted adults to share how you’re feeling. (Year 5)

If someone or a group of people are making you feel sad several times, on purpose, it sounds like bullying. Tell an adult. (Year 6)



Fire Safety in Years 1 and 5

Year 1 wanted to share these safety messages following their session with the fire fighters:

“Matches Matches do not touch

They can hurt you very much!” Sofia-Asha

“If there is smoke, get down on the floor because you will be able to breathe better.” Harry

“Stop, drop and roll if your clothes are on fire.” Liam


“Be careful not to lean over candles on a birthday cake.” Maia

“Fire is naughty  – never leave it on its own.”  Artem

“If there is a fire, shout FIRE.” Lilia

“Don’t play with matches, OR lighters.” Alex and Rosie


South American Music Day

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Children from year 2, 3, 4 and 5 thoroughly enjoyed their day learning to perform, on a whole range of wonderful authentic instruments, a variety of South American music. Freddy, who is originally from Chile, led four different workshops before facilitating a performance of their work to the whole school at the end of the day. This was part of our project to engage children even more in musical activities, and particularly culturally diverse ones!

Fantastic French Experience for Year 6

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“I enjoyed that you could become more confident speaking French. And I was able to share what I did know with people in France.” Ben

“It really helped me when I was learning new words in the biscuit factory. When we were at the school it really paid off as I managed to make a good friend.” Archie

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to visit another country because I have never been abroad before. Also I enjoyed spotting the differences between England and France.” Lydia

“In France I enjoyed going to the school because we met new friends and spoke some more French. It was different because they don’t wear a uniform.” Hayley-Jayne

“I was really excited about France because it was my first time abroad. France added a new level to the experience – it wouldn’t have been the same if we’d done it in Britain.” Tom

“I thought our trip was a good opportunity to learn new things about France. Lots of the shops and signs were different!” Annabel

“I thought it was great to be learning about the war, especially the fact we were learning about it in a country so heavily affected by it.” James