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World Music Day 3: Indonesian ‘Gamelan’

The whole school were involved, one class at a time in creating truly mysterious sounding music, using traditional ‘Gamelan’ instruments from Bali. We wanted children to have a ‘spiritual’ experience of music making and to be inspired by the sound of somewhere far away. Global Citizenship is something we are passionate about and this day, culminating in a concert with all children playing really matched our intentions. You can see the concentration on the children’s faces as they tried to remember their parts!

Children said:

“I learnt that in Indonesia they play gongs.” Sofia Asha (year 1)

“I liked hearing the gongs go from the low sounds to the high sounds”. Harry (year 1)

“It wasn’t any music I had heard in England before. It made me happy because it is good to learn different things.” Hamish (year 2)

“Because that music was good I think other music would be good as well and it was quite unusual.” Miranda (year 2)

“When I played the gong it inspired me to want to learn a new instrument.” Archie (year 4)

“It was exciting because I learnt to play a new instrument which I would never have had the opportunity to play.” Alexa (year 4)

“It was fantastic hearing such a unique sound.” Kellan (year 5)

“I really enjoyed learning about new cultures.” Mia (year 5)

“We were learning about music from a different¬†part of the world but also having great fun!” Hayley Jane (year 6)

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Tudor Music visit provided by CHIME


CHIME have kindly agreed to pay for the school to invite a variety of professional musicians in and today we were treated to a very interesting session delivered by ‘York Waits’. They brought with them a huge array of Tudor instruments and performed and chatted to the children. Year 4 will be learning all about the Tudors after Christmas and this was a great way to get them interested!