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YEAR 6 at Coombe Abbey

Last Friday Year 6 visited Coombe Abbey Country Park in Coventry. They took part in different workshops all about maintaining a sustainable environment. Some of their favourite activities were hunting for mini beasts in the park’s specially created meadow; learning about and playing musical instruments made only from materials in the natural environment (including didgeridoos) and watching a laugh out loud comedy show.

Year 4 went to Think Tank

I really enjoyed the trip. Many new exhibits were open and there were lots of interactive activities to enjoy. I’m definitely going there again! Glafira

I learnt how to programme robots, which was amazing. The science was fascinating! Alexander

I really enjoyed controlling the lego robot because you could make a sound and it would start moving. When it was 25cm from the wall it stopped. Ethan

Year 3 at Compton Verney

Year 3 went to Compton Verney to explore screen printing and to develop their art skills.

We started off looking at the different galleries. There were the Chinese collections, The Marx Lambert collection and Northern European collections. They were all interesting. Niamh

I liked screen printing because it was sort of magical and really messy! Charlie

I had to persevere to sketch the dragon pots but I really enjoyed it! Isabelle

The trip was the best ever! Hannah L

Year 6 Tag Rugby June 2013

Year 6 had a fabulous time at the Tag Rugby festival at Kenilworth School. They enjoyed mixing with the children who will be their class mates in many cases when they join the school in September. The afternoon ran very smoothly as a result of the Kenilworth School young leaders. It was very impressive how they supported our year 6 children.

Year 6 - Tag Rugby

Whole school activity – June 6th 2013

Kakatsitsi Ghanaian Drummers

Every child took part but I spoke to year 2 about their experience and they said …

“It was great joining in all together – all playing our own parts.”

“It was nerve-racking but exciting. We had to concentrate really hard.”

“The people who taught us were different to us because their skin is darker. We liked them because their drumming was excellent. They were kind and funny. They had a good sense of fun and enjoyed being a bit silly!”

Thanks to CHIME and the grant we won from the Arts Council, we had a fantastic session with Kakatsitsi, whose drumming was incredible! The workshops culminated in children performing with immense levels of concentration!

Year 4 Science

In science, Year 4 have been learning about different habitats around the school. We investigated the conditions in these habitats and learnt which plants and animals live there. We then became animal ‘estate agents’ and produced some excellent ‘For Sale’ details which would persuade the animals to buy a new habitat to live in!

Tudor Music visit provided by CHIME


CHIME have kindly agreed to pay for the school to invite a variety of professional musicians in and today we were treated to a very interesting session delivered by ‘York Waits’. They brought with them a huge array of Tudor instruments and performed and chatted to the children. Year 4 will be learning all about the Tudors after Christmas and this was a great way to get them interested!