Head’s Highlights

Here are my recent highlights!

Golden Learning

The children always love Golden Learning Time and the May version of this was really exciting, with children taking part in 3 week courses in ‘yoga’, ‘masterchef’, ‘cake decorating’, ‘Djembe drumming’, ‘theatre’, ‘drama games’, ‘cricket’, ‘camping skills’, ‘girl’s football’, ‘textiles’, ‘origami’, ‘chess’ and others! It’s a great way for them to try new things – and to get to know more members of the school community.

Visiting France

It’s been a few years since I accompanied year 6 on their trip to France but this year I had the pleasure of spending a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely informative few days in Normandy, where the children loved visiting places like the Bayeux Tapestry and Pegasus Bridge. They were a pleasure to take and their team building skills improved too!

Taking the orchestra on tour

We had some amazing musicians play for us during the year, including an amazing string quartet as well as ‘York Waits’, a medieval music group. However, for the first time, we took our amazing orchestra on tour, playing at Kenilworth Methodist church for a very appreciative audience. They played fantastically!



Aviva Women’s tour and Olympic gymnast Dominick Cunningham visit

We were excited to see some elite athletes this year. Dominick Cunningham showed us some amazing gymnastic moves and had us getting active. The Aviva Women’s tour sped through Kenilworth and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to go and see, amongst others, Lizzie Armistead. We created a great atmosphere!

Kenilworth Castle Siege Week

How amazing to be living in Kenilworth 750 years exactly after the longest siege in British history – the Siege of Kenilworth Castle, 2016.

We ALL went to visit the castle to find more about it, and the whole week was inspired by this event.




As usual, it’s difficult to pick out the highlights, with some fantastic shows taking place over Christmas and then in the Talisman Theatre in the summer, as well as some fantastic PTA and CHIME events (like the barn dance) up there amongst the most enjoyable too. The carnival float was amazing again, with our parent community really helping out! All in all it has been another great year!