Who are school Governors?

All Local Authority schools like Clinton have governors.  We play a key part in leading the direction of the school, with a role similar to that of a board of directors, except that we’re all volunteers.  We work with our Headteacher, who manages the day-to-day running of the school, providing support and challenge to ensure that Clinton School is run effectively.

What do Governors do?

Our aim is to ensure that Clinton continues to provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment to improve the achievement of all pupils in our school community.  We check that test targets and results, curriculum plans, resources, finances, appointments, health and safety including safeguarding, and all aspects of school life are run in accordance with the relevant laws and guidelines.  We live in changing times and we are responsible for making sure that plans to provide outstanding teaching and learning meet ever changing external requirements.  The roles and responsibilities of Governing Bodies have recently been more tightly defined as to:

  • make sure that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined – the strategic plan can be see in diagram form and in further detail.
  • ensure that our Headteacher’s responsibilities for the educational performance of the school are met
  • oversee the sound, proper and effective use of the school’s financial resources

You can read about how our Quality and Standards Committee and our Resources Committee dealt with these matters in our 2016 Annual Governors’ Report.

How do governors fulfil their roles?

As suggested above, one of the ways we do this is through meeting formally, on average every half term, as either the Full Governing Body (FGB) or as one of our sub-committees focused on teaching and learning standards, or resources, or as our Pay Committee.  We also have specific roles in monitoring progress towards school improvement plans.  You can read about our School Development Plan for this year and about how our FGB has monitored progress towards school improvement goals in the Annual Governors’ Report.  One of the most rewarding aspects of governance is spending programmed time behind the scenes with teachers and children, seeing how everything we talk about in meetings works in practice.

Parent Consultations

Every year we ask parents for their feedback on various aspects of the school via a short survey. This survey is an important part of our self-evaluation and informs our continuous improvement plans. You can see the results of the latest survey and the actions we took as a consequence here.

Who are Clinton’s Governors?

As you can see from the table below, there are four categories of governors.  All of our governors are quite different, but we’re bonded by the common goal of providing the very best educational experience for the children at Clinton.  We are committed, enthusiastic and friendly, with a wide variety of experience, skills and interests.  Many of us are often in school and would be happy to talk informally about our strategic direction or any other aspect of school life.  We hope you can tell that our Governors are highly ambitious for the school and incredibly proud to be associated with Clinton.  You are welcome to contact us via the school office or you can get in touch with the Chair of Governors at

Parent Governors Sub Committee School link
Des Carey Quality & Standards  SEND
Rosalind Currie Chair, Resource Management

SIDP1: Teaching Development

Gail Saxon Quality & Standards

Vice Chair Governing board

SIDP 3: Foundation Stage Development

Debbie Locke Quality & Standards / Pay Committee


SIDP 2:Curriculum Development

Paul Tarry Quality & Standards

Pupil Premium

SIDP 3: KS2 Development

Co-opted Governors Sub Committee School link
Elaine Mitchell Resource Management / Pay Committee  SFVS link  
Richard Sewell Chair, Quality & Standards  SIDP 1: Teaching development  
Gulson Pennison Chair, Resource Management / Pay committee Finance and Budget  
Andrew Williams
Resource Management

Chair, Governing Board

Looked After Children, Governor Training

SIDP 2:Curriculum Development

James Smith  Resource Management / Pay Committee  SIDP 3: KS1 Development  
 Melissa Reddy Resource Management


LA Governors Sub Committee School link
Joanna Illingworth Resource Management Health and Safety  
Staff Governor Sub Committee School link
Gary Viner (Deputy Head) Quality & Standards  
Headteacher Governor Sub Committee School link
Sam Pater (Headteacher) Resource Management; Quality & Standards  

Freedom of Information scheme – governors’ minutes and papers

All documentation from governors’ meetings can be made available to those who request it. Where further information is required, please contact the school office. Clinton Primary School has adopted this Freedom of Information scheme which explains the types of information you can request. Most of the information that the school has to make available is within governor paperwork. (There is no information which is personal within these documents.)

You can read our Freedom of Information Model here

School Development

We are constantly striving to improve our school. We set ourselves goals each year based on: thorough evaluation of pupil and parent questionnaires; evaluations of assessments; national priorities and exciting opportunities that present themselves. Although we will be finding ways to improve the school in many areas that are broader than the scope of these objectives, we will be prioritising the below. Click on the link below to find out more.

School Development Plan